Project Overview

First Brainstorm
For my initial brainstorming session, I created designs incorporating Hawaii-themed elements like hibiscus, whales, and sunsets. These were the first things that popped into my mind when I envisioned Hawaii.
Second Brainstorm
Following the presentation of the designs from our first brainstorming session, my client felt that they didn't quite match the essence of his condo care business. He was looking for something more representative of the nature of his business. Additionally, he suggested incorporating royal elements into the design, considering Maui's historical significance as the former capital of Hawaii.
Upon showcasing the logo designs featuring the new ideas, my client was impressed and ended up choosing one for his business.
Once the logo was finalized, my client sent me pictures of him incorporating the logo on toiletry labels and work shirts.
Web Design
My client also wanted a website to expose his business online. He just wanted a place for prospective clients to check out his services and get in touch. Since my client wasn't looking for a fancy website and only needed a website builder that was easy to use, I opted for Squarespace to quickly set up his business website.